Keep God in Focus

The Hard Road of Discipline

We are often distracted by our lesser desires and find ourselves off track and restless. But a person who lives a truly disciplined life is always able to put their wants and impulses in check and to do what is necessary to achieve the greater goal of union with God. This can only be accomplished by developing a habit of strong, centered, and focused prayer.

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Cheering crowd at sporting event

Set the Earth on Fire

If we are to be like Jesus, then we need to set the earth on fire. We need to be bold and proclaim the Good News without apology. By our actions of love and justice, we need to show the world that with the Body of Christ on earth, it is not business as usual.

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Illustration of videos, content and photos within a blog

6 Ways to Build a Healthy Church Blog

Just like the church bulletin is a great source of information on your way out of Mass, a blog does that and more. It offers readers a quick hit of faith and the chance to easily engage through the parish’s website and social media channels. Here’s how to get started.

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Courage to be the Change

Live the Faith You Profess

This week’s readings are leading us to consider the demands and consequences of an enacted faith. Because, at the end of the day, our call to discipleship requires more than simply learning the stories of Jesus and being able to parrot back his teachings. Rather, Divine Wisdom calls us to live what we profess, guided by our faith convictions.

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Hand knocking on door

Plan Wisely

We spend much time putting off things until later. Then when something unexpected happens, we swing into action to deal with it or prepare for its effects. We would have acted differently if we knew what was coming down the road.

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Collage of polaroid photos

Catholic Photos: 4 Ways to Find Images You Need

As a parish, you want to use fresh content to attract more visitors to your parish, but finding those images can be difficult. There are plenty of ways you can easily find the photos you need. All you need to do is search in the right places.

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Faith in the Unseen

Jesus Brings the Kingdom with Him

We sometimes find ourselves waiting in eager anticipation for the arrival God’s kingdom. But His kingdom is here and now! It is present anytime Jesus is around, anytime Jesus is in our hearts and minds. In order to experience the kingdom given to us, we must have an unfailing faith in the unseen.

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Man and woman unpacking boxes

God Gives Us What We Need

A few months back, my wife and I helped move my oldest son into his first real apartment. He was moving to start his first real job and was excited and cautious at the same time. Moving him in reminded me of when his mother and I were first starting out.

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Volunteers sorting donations

Why Your Parish Needs a Volunteer Onboarding Process

While it’s essential that people offer their time and talent to your parish, it’s equally important that they do so in the correct way — you need a volunteer onboarding. Read on for tips to consider the next time you have someone giving their time and talent to your parish.

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Blessed Beyond Measure

Build Your Treasures in Heaven

It is so easy to get lost in the monotony of life. We get up, go to work, come home, and then repeat the pattern day after day. In all the running around, we find that we have lost ourselves. The things we thought mattered — security, status, success — do not seem so valuable to us anymore when we consider what we gave up to achieve them. Have we become so focused on accumulating possessions on earth that we have forgotten to take of our immortal souls?

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Wooden sign pointing in opposite directions

Where Does Your Trust Lie?

We all are faced with decisions in life where we are met with uncertainty or fear. Often, our stewardship is limited by our inability to trust fully in God. If you find yourself unable to face the future or to make the big decisions in life, where does your trust lie?

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Compilation of messy notes on marketing strategy

Marketing Your Church Is Not a Sin — Here’s Why

While it may seem superficial to spend time thinking of, planning, and implementing marketing strategies for your parish, it’s actually one of the most important things you can do to bring people through your parish doors — here’s why.

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