5 Steps to Engage Inactive Parishioners

With a comprehensive management and engagement platform, engaging inactive parishioners is possible, measurable, and simplified.

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Prepare Your Heart for Christ

What Matters Most

What is most pressing on your mind today? What is distracting you from prayer? Is what you are concerned about so important that you should let it distract you from the word of God?

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Giving Thanks All Year Long

Thanksgiving may come just one day in 365, but the habit of gratitude can last all year! How does your vibrant parish foster thankfulness?

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Joy in God of God from God

The King’s Knight

What kind of a person must Francis have seen in Jesus … the one we see standing before Pilate at the beginning of his trial in today’s Gospel scene? A king ready for battle; a king worth defending with every ounce of energy until there’s nothing left. How do you see him?

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King of Kings

There are many kings of many things, but only one King of the Universe. If you were the king of a kingdom, all would be your subjects. In the universe, all creation bows down to this king. No other king stands above him.

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With Hearts Fixed on Christ

Remain Vigilant for the Coming of Christ

Suffering, human failures and weakness, politicians, and even unfaithful priests are not who we are hopefully waiting for. Let us keep our hearts fixed on Christ, ready for whenever He calls, in the big moments of our lives, but most especially in the small hidden moments.

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7 YouTube Channels to Grow Your Faith

Videos can supplement faith formation lessons or offer a compelling message to people who visit your parish website. We tracked down seven Catholic YouTube channels to help you and your community grow in faith.

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This Day Won’t Come Again

Don’t let a single day pass you by without truly loving others and your God. One thing you can be confident about: This day will never come again.

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what sacrifice looks like

What Sacrifice Looks Like

May our eyes see more of those who are generous. May the witness of true sacrifice show us the way to the Father and to a world full of His love.

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Give Freely Receive Plenty

Something to Give, Everything to Trust

How easy to focus our concerns on the mighty and the games they play. How easy, too, for those in power to have inflated senses of their identity and role. Our eyes, our Lord recommends, ought to fall elsewhere.

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Why Your Staff Should Share Calendars

As your staff members plan their days and track their time, having work-related data accessible in a shared calendar can be helpful. Going digital means you’re not limited to someone’s in-office presence to know their schedule.

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Using Giving Tuesday to Jump-Start Parish Giving

Think of Giving Tuesday as a way to jump-start the “spirit of stewardship” at your parish. Most parishioners know the importance of tithing but not all of them are aware of the many ways in which to do so.

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