way of the cross

We Find Him in the Cross

The power of this symbol has been diminished in popular culture. It is often used in fashion and simple wall art and on bumper stickers and T-shirts, sometimes with Christian clichés and sometimes not. But the cross is something so much more. It is a reminder of the pain, suffering, and death of one who loved us so much that he would give his very life for us.

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praying at night

Have Your Parishioners Had That Late-Night Conversation With Christ?

That soul-bearing, total understanding, “heart filled with joy because someone gets me” kind of conversation with someone who sees you as just a little bit remarkable and your journey as just a little bit special — it’s the way that Christ sees us.

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Stand Up to Injustice

The Antidote to Indifference

Although Palm Sunday’s ability to confront and confound our indifference can be startling and even frightening, the real grace of this celebration is in the opportunity it provides for us to renew our commitment to life in Christ. More than being some sort of extended passion play, the days of Holy Week challenge us to envision a life in which we take responsibility for our sins.

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Lent Challenge 11

Jesus is Crucified

In the life of a Christian, reflections on the mysteries of faith are necessary to bridge the gap of time and space between the historical event of the death and resurrection of Jesus and its redeeming power today. This is the transformative power of Everyday Stewardship.

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Generosity: A Look in the Mirror

Stewardship begins with the person in the mirror. You and I are accountable to each other, but at the end of the day, the only one who knows the true level of our generosity is God. As this Lent draws to a close, it is time to take a good long look in the mirror.

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Lent Challenge 10

Jesus Is Stripped of His Clothes

What has ever happened to you that Jesus cannot understand? What pain can you ever feel that he has not felt? Who is this God we follow and call Lord? It is the God who cared enough for us that He dared become like us in all things, even unto suffering and death.

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Give Button Computer

WeShare VS. PayPal

When it comes to choosing the best online giving platform for your parish, there is a vast array of choices out there. From ones that specialize in specific parish giving, to nonprofits, to businesses — the choices are endless. When faced with so many selections, parishes should focus on what they really need in a giving platform.

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data sharing

LPi Advances WeGather by Including Parish to Diocese Data Sharing Feature

LPi is pleased to announce that it has launched a new, multiple organization data sharing feature for WeGather: a fully integrated, Church Management & Parish Community Builder, cloud-based software solution built for the Catholic Church.

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Repent and Rejoice

Find Serenity in Jesus

In many ways, both large and small, we choose sin over God’s love. We fall prey to the false promises of love, pleasure, and inner peace that sin offers us. And in the process, we lose touch with our heavenly Father who is the source of all love. However, that does not need to be the end of the story. We can always turn to Jesus to find forgiveness.

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Lent Challenge 9

Jesus Falls the Third and Final Time

Much of the world will never understand the value of true sacrifice. They, like those at the time, will ask why he did not make it stop and why he did not save himself. But if we look with the eyes of faith, we will see something quite different.

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Lent Challenge 8

Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem

Even when we do not feel like it, we are called to bear witness to the Gospel. Even when we feel spent and battered by the world, we are called to preach the Good News to the world. This is not only because of God’s call on our life, but because even when it seems all hope is lost, with Jesus, love will always prevail.

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shadow on mountain

Have You Truly Surrendered?

You give of yourself when you determine there is a real need. However, you haven’t intentionally worked toward surrendering all you are, all you have, and all you do to your God. It’s hard because when you compare yourself to others, you seem pretty good. Yet, there lies the problem.

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