Harden Not Your Heart

Roads Less Traveled

Jesus is all about relationships. It’s a priority to do all in our power to restore balance and bring reconciliation to places of discord. These are all worthy ideals to pursue. They also sound great on paper but are extremely difficult to achieve.

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The Vision of Stewardship

Like the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the secret to living happily ever after lies in not getting all you ever wanted, but instead in giving all you ever wanted away. When we have emptied ourselves and allowed Jesus to fill the open spaces in us, we become different.

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How to Create a Better Live Streaming Mass Experience

With parish dispensations being pushed back again due to COVID-19 concerns, the need for live streaming Masses isn’t going away any time soon. Following are four points for parishes to consider when live streaming Mass.

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Follow the Teacher

The Good News of Discipleship

As disciples we are called to foster our relationship with Jesus, to know him in a personal way. And, as with any important relationship in our lives, our relationship with Jesus changes us, helps us to grow more into the woman or man that God wants us to be.

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The Choice of Stewardship

We are not simply called to be active parishioners, but instead be active disciples all the time. What have we really done if we only act like disciples of Jesus Christ while we are assembled with others who claim to be the same? The choice before us is to give of ourselves.

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Can Instagram Work for your Parish?

You already know that keeping your parish current on social media trends is just as important as any of your ministry offerings. More than likely, you already keep your website updated, post to Facebook regularly, and upload videos to YouTube. But are you active on Instagram?

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The Challenge of Stewardship

Every day, we are called by Christ to respond in some way. The more practice we have at giving of ourselves freely and living in His presence, the easier it is to discern that call. Once we hear the call, the choice is ours: will we respond with yes or no?

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Who Do You Say That I Am?

Who Do We Say That Jesus Is?

We know well what the world says about Jesus. But, the Gospel turns the question on us. Who do I say Jesus is? Do we pick and choose the teachings of Jesus which we agree with and ignore the rest; or do we believe that every word Jesus speaks is THE word of God?

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Create a Parish Podcast in 4 Easy Steps

Podcasts have exploded in popularity in recent years — people are listening at home, in their cars, at work, and pretty much everywhere else. Given the growing popularity of this medium, you might wonder if you should enter the podcasting game. Below are some ideas to help you start.

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Pray From the Depths of Your Heart

Sincerity in Prayer, Humility in Faith

Our familiarity with prayers isn’t always accompanied by a sincerity in our prayer. We rattle off words while our minds are onto the next task. Our prayer life is fragmented because our need for help has been disconnected from our belief in Jesus’ mission.

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Being Human is to Doubt

Humans doubt. It’s what we do. Before any of us say anything about Peter’s doubting the words of Jesus that told him he could get out of his boat and walk on water, we need to get real with ourselves: How would I respond in the same situation?

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Your Parish Needs a Responsive Website

A responsive website design is important to make your website mobile-friendly. With the way your website is designed, it should look and function similarly when viewed on a desktop computer, laptop, or smartphone. Here are three tips to consider for a responsive website.

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