Grow in Humility

Be Humble and Bear Fruit

As Jesus teaches in Sunday’s Gospel, humility, or radical self-honesty, is a necessary component of our faith. Admitting our faults is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of strength given to us by God. It is precisely this depth of self-knowledge that can begin to open us up to a deeper knowledge of Him.

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Dictionary view of the word 'Evidence'

Where Is the Evidence?

Our stewardship way of life is evidence of our faith. It is hard to argue that one truly has faith if they do not seek to live as Jesus calls us. Our stewardship is not only evidence, but it is our testimony and witness to faith.

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Hands using social media on phones

Does Your Church Facebook Have a Social Media Etiquette Guide?

Social media can often be equated to the Wild West. It’s vast, oftentimes lawless, and even with the best of intentions, anything can happen. That’s why it’s important to prepare for the unexpected with a social media etiquette guide on your social media platform pages.

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Hearts Set On God

The Power of Persistent Prayer

Many scholars have commented that evil is simply the absence of good. In this sense, even the worst evil that manifests our world has no claim on us if our hearts are set on God, who is all goodness. The only thing required of us is faith and persistence in prayer, relying solely on the power of God.

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words 'Grateful, Thankful, Blessed' written on notes

To Give of Oneself

Gratitude is simply the gift we give to the one who was generous to us in the first place. Generosity gives birth to more generosity. Without as much gratitude in the world, there is less chance for an increase of love and generosity.

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Hands holding out small knit heart

How to Plan for a Successful GivingTuesday Campaign

Although GivingTuesday is nearly two months away, it’s time to start planning for ways in which to take advantage of this global giving campaign for your parish. From free resources such as flyer templates, customizable email copy, and social media images, there are many ways you can customize this international campaign to your parish.

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Woman facing a fork in the road

How Much Is Enough?

When confronted with a decision, we can sometimes be given a choice of good, better, and best. We fool ourselves into believing that the good choice is not a bad one, so it must be enough. However, we have placed a limit on our generosity or commitment with our false sense of good stewardship.

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To Whom Do You Belong?

By belonging to Jesus, we are no longer in the shackles of sin but are free to love in an authentic way. But because of our pride and selfishness, this isn’t always easy. That’s why we have the Body of Christ. By belonging to one another, we become instruments of grace for each other and share testimony to the value of a relationship with Jesus.

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Hands holding symbols for communication

Are Your Church Communications Working?

Parishes have so many things to invite people to, such as festivals and hospitality events. Communication is going out all the time, but how well is it working? Following are some ideas to consider when evaluating your parish communication strategies.

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Increase Our Faith

Big Things in Small Packages

There is so much unsettling emotions, unhappiness, disagreement, and anger in our world, nation, and even our Church. Humanity has caused its own mess, and we often pound on the doors of heaven expecting God to fix it all. But if we take up the task of discipleship, our faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains.

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Homeless person asleep on bench

Called to Compassion

How many of us pass by homeless people and pretend they are not even there. We don’t have money in our pocket, we don’t have food to give, and we don’t have material items that they need, so we offer them nothing. We don’t even offer ourselves.

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Donations represented as blooming plant atop coins

How to Grow Your Recurring Giving

Recurring giving is a great way to ensure that your church ministries will be funded. But according to statistics, only a small percentage actually make the commitment to have their gifts automatically deducted. Here are a few ways to encourage parishioners to becoming regular donors.

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