Don’t Live a Lie

Even if we feel that we have lied to no one, we may have lied to ourselves. We portray ourselves as generous, thankful, and loving people, yet fail to answer God’s call in a situation because we perceive the cost to be too great.

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How to Prepare Your Website for Lent in 4 Easy Steps

From planning the Ash Wednesday service to coordinating Scripture studies, your staff will definitely be busy this Lent. Keep things on track by preparing your parish website with all the information parishioners and visitors will be searching for.

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What’s the Buzz?

You may not be an entrepreneur with your own business, but you do have your parish. This is your community and how you act in the world around you will either add to a buzz or a lack of interest. Can your light shine brightly to be seen from miles around?

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Obey His Word

The Law of the Lord

Jesus didn’t come to abolish God’s law but to fulfill it. He prompts us to ponder our behavior and challenges us to make necessary changes in any of the areas where we lack or struggle to abide by God’s commandments. We need to pay more attention to the details of our lives and ask ourselves how we want to be considered in heaven.

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5 Top Lent Ideas for your Parish

It’s already time to start thinking of ways to help your parishioners get the most out of it this coming Lent. From online reflection programs to reminders on your social media feeds, here are five ways to help your members navigate to a better relationship with Christ in 2020.

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Healing Our Blindness

Stewardship living is difficult unless we are experiencing that way of life for ourselves. You can to church every Sunday, but unless you are actively growing in faith and trying to live a life of generous stewardship, you cannot see the power of such a lifestyle.

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Be Christ for Others

We Are the Salt and Light

Jesus says we are salt and light of the earth and must allow the joy of our faith to spill over into the lives of others. We need to put our faith into action, being Christ for others and extending the same mercy and compassion as Christ. A good teacher knows what his students can handle. Do we see in ourselves what God sees in us?

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Ideas to Share Your Parish Bulletin Digitally

There may be times parishioners miss Mass, but still want to know what’s going on in the parish. The bulletin is a great way to do that. Check out some ways to keep your weekly publication front and center for your members – wherever they may be!

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Light of the World

Carry the Light of Faith

So many people today are looking for the light and warmth of hope and love that can only come from Jesus. On this Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, the example of Mary “carrying a light” — the Christ Child — is an invitation for each of us to carry into a darkened world the light of faith burning in our hearts and minds.

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Drop Your Nets and Be Free

When Jesus came along and asked some fishermen to drop their nets and follow him, they did just that. Wow! In some ways, they experienced true freedom. That is what Jesus offers all of us. Yet, true freedom looks quite different than my dream scenario.

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Should Your Parish Use Facebook Live?

When Facebook Live launched in 2016, it offered users a way to more immediately connect with their audiences. As years progress, it’s only natural that churches have now started using this feature to connect with members and nonmembers alike.

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A Light in the Darkness

Centered on the Light of Christ

There is a darkening of intellect and will in today’s world in an effort to twist the truth of freedom and to be self-serving. How are we to respond to the enveloping darkness around us? We need to follow the light of Christ. Our primary identity must lie in belonging to him, and everything else must become secondary.

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