Are Chatbots Right for Your Parish Website?

At a time when people expect answers in seconds, the time might be right for a small parish staff already stretched thin to look into new tools to better serve their parish community. A chatbot might just be the tool needed to help lessen the load.

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Called to Extend Mercy

Jesus tells the story of a farmer whose crop of wheat is attacked by an enemy who sows the seeds of weeds along with the grains of wheat. Once the violent act was done, there was no going back. The wheat and weeds had to be allowed to grow together.

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Focus on the Good

As I have lived my life, I have come to believe there are more people who lives their lives in a contrary manner to these images. It is not that they seek evil, but it is as if they “see no good, hear no good, and speak no good.”

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LPi Partners with WORSHIPNOW for New App

In response to the ongoing needs of churches and the generous parishioners they serve, LPi is excited to announce a new partnership with Catholic music publisher, WORSHIPNOW. LPi’s online giving platform, WeShare, is now fully integrated with WORSHIPNOW’s new Pew Edition App.

This free app for parishioners will unlock 24/7 access to all of Mass prayers, readings, 300+ songs, a personal journal and LPi’s fully integrated giving feature.

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3 Crowdfunding Examples to Inspire Your Annual Parish Appeal

With so many new ways of doing things changing every day, it’s inevitable that some parishes will need to get creative if they want to continue capturing the interest of their congregation. Here are some crowdfunding ideas that you can apply to your own parish.

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Faith Like a Child

Sometimes we fall into seeing ourselves as the center of the universe, or we become consumed by our state in life or with what we have acquired. In order to be freed for love, we need role models to help us see what really matters.

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The Kingdom of God

Seeds Of Transformation

Just as a seed, once it is planted, has a power within it that drives it to become the tree it is meant to be, so God’s kingdom, once planted in our world and in our souls by Jesus himself, takes root and spreads its branches slowly but surely throughout all of human history.

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5 Ways Parishes are Making a “Catholic Comeback”

Your parish has adapted to doing the work of Christ digitally. Now that the country is beginning to open again, it’s time to ask the question — where do parishes go from here? Following are five things parishes are doing to make a “great Catholic comeback.”

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I Will Give You Rest

Weighted Down

A myriad of scenarios can explain the weight that we hold deep within. The older we get it seems as though the more baggage we tend to collect. Our baggage has become our comfort and definition. We don’t experience what Jesus promised because we fear, or we doubt. But Jesus is patient as he is persistent.

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God Is Love

Songs and books are written about the intense longing one human being can have for another. However, true love is about more than wanting to be with that person. It is about wanting that person to know a love even greater than theirs: the love of God.

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5 Free Copy and Paste Donation Receipt Messages

With emerging technology comes new ways of doing regular things — and thanking a donor for his or her support is one of them. Need a little inspiration? Check out these five cut and paste thank you notes and customize them for your faith community.

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Will You Say Yes?

You find yourself in the difficult situation of being accused of blasphemy and confronting possible execution. Your crime is believing in Jesus Christ. Your answer may very well dictate what happens to you next. What is your answer?

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