Getting Your House in Order

How easy is it to spend all our time getting our physical house in order and having our spiritual house in disarray? We need to find time for God no matter how busy we are. Click here to read the full post

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Everyday Stewardship: Tummies Full of Love

There are people all throughout our lives that feel like there is not enough in this life for them. But with our actions of love, they miraculously are filled with what they need. Of course, a tray of good cornbread doesn’t hurt either. Click here to read the full post

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Pope Francis

5 Things to Know about Pope Francis’ Visit to Philly

Pope Francis’ two-day stop in Philadelphia may garner more attention in the city than the signing of the Declaration of Independence. This is projected to be one of the largest events in the city that was the original capital of the U.S. If you are planning on attending the event, here are a few things you need […]

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Evangelizing with Joy

One of the most effective ways to evangelize is not preaching hellfire and brimstone all the time (although there is a place for that) but to watch for conversations and openings. You don’t have to have all the answers, but you need to have a bit of courage and a good bit of enthusiasm and […]

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Passing a piece of toast.

Enough to Go Around

For Sunday, July 26, 2015, 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time Is there enough to go around? Living in an industrialized nation, it can be easy to forget how much poverty there is in our world. With all the advances in technology over the past century, we might even be deluded into thinking that most people lead […]

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God Smiling On Us

The second characteristic of an “Everyday steward” is that he/she is prayerful. It would seem that would be a given. Certainly any follower of Jesus is called to pray. However, this characteristic means more than whether or not one has a prayer life. Prayer is more than just communication between God and us. It is about […]

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Sand Dollar

Sand Dollars and People

We are all like sand dollars; carefully crafted for a special purpose out of God’s immense and limitless love. We are all created whole but most end up broken in some way. Click here to read the full post

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What Woman Theologians Have Done for the Church

Catholic women theologians have helped form both lay and ordained church leaders’ understanding of liturgy, scripture, ethics, pastoral ministry, spirituality, faith formation, theology, and the church itself. This means that regular Catholics, too, have been influenced by women theologians—whether they know it or not. Click here to read the full post

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Everyday Stewardship: For God’s Sake, Take a Break

Everyone needs a rest. The problem is we fail to understand how important it is to rest. We think rest is void of action. Not only is resting an action in itself, it is sometimes the only time we have to spend with God one-on-one. Click here to read the full post

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Community of Faith

Grateful for the Community of Faith

I spent five years in Alaska as a missionary prior to becoming Catholic.  Four years of that was in a little town south of Anchorage with a strong bohemian population.  As the town pastor, I got to know many of those good people.  More than a few were devotees of The Grateful Dead, a band […]

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Pope Francis

Free Encyclical Resource Kit

 Following the release of Pope Francis’ Encyclical last month, Catholic Climate  Covenant and Interfaith Power and Light have teamed up to bring you an encyclical  resource kit to help educate, engage, and share with others. This encyclical action  toolkit is free of charge.   Click here for more information and to sign up for your free toolkit

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The Mass

Why the Catholic Mass is the Center of All Things

The natural human response to hatred is revenge and war. The natural human response is to fight back. An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. The other response is that of Jesus Christ. He stands up to the evil in his innocence and he takes the cross willingly. Click here to read the […]

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