The 6 Characteristics for Lent: Gracious

When disciples of Jesus Christ act in a gracious manner to all those they meet, they provide a glimpse of home. This home is not in a house in a particular location, but it is a home prepared for all of us for eternity. There is no hate, only love.

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Pray & Listen

Trust in His Promises

Feeling anxious when someone we love becomes ill is normal. Turning to Jesus for help is wise. Waiting for an answer can be difficult. It must have seemed so confusing to Mary and Martha, knowing how much Jesus cared for their brother, that he would delay coming to his assistance. Yet, He had an even greater plan in mind.

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Control How Your Parish Appears In Search Results

What comes up when you search your parish name on Google? While it may seem impossible to get your Google business page organized and your parish to come up more quickly in results, it’s doable if you follow a few simple steps.

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4 Ways to Keep Parishioners Engaged During the Coronavirus

With the Coronavirus in full swing, how can we find ways to spiritually support and engage our congregations during this time of fear and uncertainty? Following are four ways to support your parishioners whether they’re in the pews or not.

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The 6 Characteristics for Lent: Grateful

There is one joy that remains throughout: the joy we find in Jesus. What he gives us does not fade. The amazing thing about what he offers us is that it also provides a lens through which we see all things. Now we can see the smallest reasons to be grateful.

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Live in the Light

What Do You Mean I Can’t See?

Seeing is much more than just a function of our eyes. We can look at something with clear vision but not really see it. Often what we think we see is colored by our prejudices, assumptions and our needs. We think we are seeing clearly but we are not. Allowing God to restore our sight so that we can truly see is a worthy goal for our Lenten journey.

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The Intricate Relationship Between Donor & Receiver

Parishes need donors to sustain their ministries — but what’s in it for the person giving the money? Here are some reasons why parishioners and visitors give to a parish and ways that we can take their giving to the next level.

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The 6 Characteristics for Lent: Prayerful

Do you think God desires a portion of you? Without a doubt, He wants all of you: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Walking with Him daily is so important, and we can never become the disciples and stewards we need to be without a deepening relationship.

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Return To God

Remember and Be Transformed

If we keep the themes of Baptism and discipleship in mind as we consider the value of fasting and sacrifice, we quickly realize that fasting isn’t about just giving up something we enjoy. The point of fasting is that we give up something that we enjoy to help us pay better attention to our deeper hungers and desires.

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The Incredible Benefits of Parish Volunteers

With pastors responsible for multiple parishes, parish staff tasked with many congregations, and everyone doing more with less, volunteers are an essential part of the church. All you need is a little recruitment, an examining of their gifts, and a way to keep it all on track.

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Give Me Strength

Transfiguring Our Spiritual Lives

In the Gospel account of the Transfiguration we discover how we progress in the spiritual life: by embracing adversity, by looking upon the glorified face of Christ, and by going down the mountain to proclaim what we have seen to others.

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The 6 Characteristics for Lent: Mindful

What is it that tempts you the most? When you really start reflecting, you find that there are many temptations all around. Even if you are strong and never succumb to a certain temptation, it is still there waiting for a weak moment in your life.

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