Reach Out in Love

September 6, 2019  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

Two pairs of hands holding paper heart together

We are all called to be accountable to one another. As brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, we have a responsibility to reach out in love when we see someone lost and to offer support when the need is the greatest. In that same regard, we must never stand between a loved one and him. Our goal when it comes to those we love is to lead them toward heaven and eternal life with the source of all love, Jesus Christ.

This is the “why” of our stewardship. Our generosity and our giving of very selves back to God need to bear witness to the transforming power of Jesus. It is easy to fall into the trap of loving someone so much that we place them before God. We make our human relationships the main thing and ultimately make decisions that keep our loved ones away from that which they need the most. If we truly love another, we will offer them the example of how we love God even more than them.

We live in a world where romantic and parental love are seen as the highest forms of affection. Stories are often told in books and on the screen of how nothing will keep someone from his or her beloved. Although we are called to love one another, we must never be trapped into the portrayal of love that comes from the world. We are gifts from God to one another, and like all other gifts given to us, we are accountable to God for that which He has given. If you can give a loved one back to God completely, then you are worthy of their love in the first place.

—Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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