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Using Video on Your Church Website

We have so many choices these days when it comes to using technology to draw people to our place of worship. A website that is vibrant, dynamic and engaging is vital in attracting more people — and a new way to do that is through video.

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Telling Personal Stories through Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much can video communicate? You can harness this powerful media to share compelling stories from your parish! Have you created video testimonies at your parish? How have you done it?

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7 YouTube Channels to Grow Your Faith

Videos can supplement faith formation lessons or offer a compelling message to people who visit your parish website. We tracked down seven Catholic YouTube channels to help you and your community grow in faith.

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Video Ideas for Your Parish Website

  More and more parishes are starting to incorporate video on their website as a way to demonstrate what the church has to offer and to invite more people into the doors on Sunday. There’s a lot of talk about the need for the Catholic Church to be “more engaging,” but we can’t engage people until they meet […]

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Ten Tips for Recording Video on Your Phone

Videos are a great way to connect with visitors to your website and nearly everyone has a powerful video camera in their pocket–their smartphone.

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Using Video to Engage Visitors on Your Website

Every parish website speaks to visitors a little different–some have a welcome message, some have an “I’m New” menu filled with information, and some use video.

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