Time is a Gift

July 12, 2019  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

Alarm clock in grassy field

So many times in my life, I have failed to start something because I had not yet adequately prepared. I would have started working out or going for a jog, but I needed to get the right shoes. I would have started eating right if only I could find the time and money to buy the right foods. I would have started that journaling project, but I couldn’t without a really nice leather-bound journal. I would have, I would have, and I would have!

I know many people can relate. We offer up excuses for so many things. Sometimes we even get to the point where we do start something, but by then, we have already lost so much time.

Some of us are thinking about taking a stewardship way of life seriously, but we are just not ready yet. We would be more generous if we can first get out of debt. We would give of our time, but we have to wait until the kids get older or until we fully research our options. The truth is, we don’t have to be in any particular state of life or have any specific financial portfolio to start giving our very selves to God. God takes us as we are now. No resume needed. Why waste so much time thinking about getting started and becoming serious? Time is a gift given to all of us. As we think and prepare endlessly, we are practicing poor stewardship. The time to start is today. Who wants to answer God one day at the gates of Heaven saying, “I would have”?

-Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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