Tuesday of the Third Week of Advent

December 18, 2018  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

Jeremiah 23:5-8
Matthew 1:18-25

Daily Advent Challenge Dec. 18

We are crazy human beings sometimes. We all know the importance of love and sharing with one another, yet we can find ourselves fearful or uncomfortable when in a situation where we can give of ourselves. What will others think? Perhaps I am being too forward. Maybe they will reject me.

What God was asking Joseph to give of himself made Joseph concerned for his future and that of his wife, Mary, at first. We know what he chose to do in the end. The most important aspect of his discernment was he said yes, not the fact that he was uncertain or fearful at first.

You and I will experience questions all the time when the call comes from God. That is normal. However, we need to be like Joseph and trust in God as we move forward. We may feel vulnerable, but we are always stronger with God.


Daily advent challenge:

Think of a stewardship opportunity you’ve avoided due to fear. Pray for the intercession of St. Joseph that God give you the strength to always respond to His call.

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