Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus

March 22, 2019  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

The Sixth Station of the Cross
Lent Challenge 6

A woman in the crowd, moved by love, came up to Jesus to wipe away the dirt, sweat, and blood from his face. Someone steps forward to show Jesus just a little kindness, and he offers her the imprint of his face. One act of charity makes possible a response of love and gratitude.

The imprint of Jesus’ face on Veronica’s cloth is certainly a miracle. The fact is that when we step forward in kindness and compassion, small miracles happen all the time. We may never see the miracle occur like Veronica, but we are called to have faith that God continues to work in the lives of others long after we planted seeds of charity and love.

But we must be mindful of the opportunities around us to give of ourselves. If Veronica had not been aware of Jesus’ struggle — or if she were blinded by fear of what could happen to her if she stepped forward — Jesus would not have benefited from her generosity, and his face would not have appeared on her cloth. We must interact with the divine for the miraculous to occur, and that interaction can’t take place if we are distracted by the world.



Lord Jesus Christ,
to Veronica you gave an imprint of your face
out of gratitude for her kindness.
Help me to be aware of the needs of others around me.
Make me mindful of your daily call in my life,
so that I may always respond with love and charity.
Make me an instrument of your consolation.



Pass it along! Buy the next person’s coffee, pay for a stranger’s bridge toll, or let someone go ahead of you at the checkout.


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