WeConnect Release Notes—Sept. 11, 2020

September 11, 2020  •   Joel Jacob

WeConnect is pleased to announce that we have a new mobile app message hub. This allows you to send and manage messages for your WeConnect mobile app from any computer or mobile device.

To access the message hub, please click here, and log in using your WeConnect/WeConnect App credentials. Instructions can also be found by watching a short video on the message hub.

WeConnect Message Hub Video
Also available this month are two additional features:
  1. Spell Check: You can now spell check body content in the text editor. Look for the spell check button in the menu bar of the editor.
  2.   Spell Check  
  3. Save Changes Notification: You will now get a warning if you try to leave a page without saving your changes. An option to leave the page without saving or staying on the page and then saving your changes is now available.
  4.   Save Changes Notification  
Additional Support

Please contact a WeConnect team member for assistance. They can be reached at:
weconnect@4lpi.com or (800) 950-9952 ext. 2010.

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