Wednesday of the First Week of Advent

December 5, 2018  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

Isaiah 25:6-10a
Matthew 15:29-37

Daily Advent Challenge Dec. 05

Jesus knows how we hunger in this life. He walks with us and sees how we struggle and triumph. He is not only aware of our hunger but knows exactly what we need to satisfy ourselves. We often try to satisfy our own cravings with those things that are not good for us. Jesus knows better because he has been with us from the moment of our creation. No amount of self-awareness can top that knowledge.

During this Advent season, what is it that you truly hunger for daily? Sometimes we may think that our hunger is so great that there is not enough available to satisfy. However, Jesus is the one who multiplies what little is provided to feed the masses.

While you contemplate how you hunger, perhaps you can consider those around you who have hungers that need satisfying. You don’t have to provide everything needed to fill them up, only a little. Jesus will do the rest. As a good Everyday Steward, you may just have the few fish and loaves of bread to feed more than you could even imagine.


Daily advent challenge:

What small gift can you provide for someone today that Jesus can multiply into something quite extraordinary?

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