What is God Asking For?

October 12, 2018  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

This past Father’s Day began with my youngest son asking me for money. As the day went by, he continued to ask me for things. It was actually quite humorous as it was supposed to be my day and I hadn’t asked him for one thing. It was all about what he wanted. Finally, after his latest request, I responded, “It’s Father’s Day! What I want from you is a day where you don’t ask me for anything.”

I would have to say that he does not constantly ask me for things all the time and he is a good kid, but this day he did have me reflecting on how much a child asks from a parent.

We ask quite a lot from our Heavenly Father as well. I don’t think He begrudges us anything due to all our requests. However, like any human parent would, I think God would love it when He asks something of us that we can respond with a “yes.”

We like to do all the asking, but too often we are not very responsive when we are being asked. It is an important aspect to reflect on in any relationship. If you seek to receive more than you are willing to give, what kind of lopsided relationship is that? God doesn’t want that type of relationship. Any father wants to give his son or daughter anything they ask for within reason, but offering the same back is what a real relationship is all about.

-Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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