Where Does Your Trust Lie?

July 26, 2019  •   Tracy Earl Welliver
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After more than two decades in parish ministry, my life changed course when LPi reached out to me with an offer to do something different with my life. I hadn’t been looking for a new job, but I had been working for some time to grow a ministry of speaking, writing, and consulting outside of my parish. It occurred to me I just might be throwing away a long career of stability and certainty for a situation that was new and anything but certain. My family was relying on me. I was moving from a comfort zone into a place where I was going to have to trust in God. There was the question on the surface of whether this move would work out in the end. However, the real question was whether I had the ability to put all my trust in God.

The fact that you are reading this reflection is a testament that it all worked out for the best. I did place my faith and trust in God, and He came through as always. When I look back over my life and identify those times of greatest struggle, I can honestly say those were times when I trusted more in myself or let fear take over.

We all are faced with decisions in life where we are met with uncertainty or fear. Often, our stewardship is limited by our inability to trust fully in God. Our comfort zones really become prisons of fear we never leave. If you find yourself unable to face the future or to make the big decisions in life, where does your trust lie?

-Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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