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April 24, 2018  •   Amy Klinkhammer

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You have a lot going on. From Sunday Mass to social events, your parish is thriving with activity and community involvement in person, but what about online?

Facebook can be an invaluable tool for fostering engagement with newcomers and can serve as a vital source of genuine connection for your members. Utilizing the helpful features on your parish profile — even just a few — will help keep your presence vibrant both in person and on the web.

Organize and Promote Upcoming Events

Your parishioners are active and involved in person — and they can be online as well! Use Facebook to plan, promote, and publicize the events and ministries your community works so hard to organize.

Ongoing ministries like bible studies or regular staff meetings can be hosted here as private, recurring events. You can create as many of these events as you’d like so every sub-group within your larger church family can have their own space to meet, plan, and communicate online. This is also a great place to post readings, reflections, or other group-specific information.

For larger, more public events (like those picnics, carnivals, and fundraisers that are just around the corner) spreading the word online will attract audiences that wouldn’t otherwise be reached. Facebook pages are often one the first results of Google searches for specific locations. Be sure to mark your venues on the map when you create your events so that those new to the area know where to find you!

Share the Memories You’re Making

Your event was a major hit, and there are some awesome pictures of it floating around amongst your members. Rather than letting those shots stay dormant or get lost in your news feed, gather and publish them in an album! Posting photos and videos of your parish life on Facebook here and there is fine, but organizing them into albums makes them accessible to everyone. These albums can also serve as valuable backups; should something happen to your camera or personal computer, your photos will still be safe.

Visitors to your page will likely look for these, too. Pictures not only liven up your profile, but they give newcomers an “inside look” into your parish lifestyle. Albums can help you showcase fun events and meaningful gatherings while giving the world a view of who you are as a community.

Live Stream Your Parish Life!

Are some of your members missing out because they couldn’t make it on Sunday? Broadcasting social gathering and other events using Facebook Live is a great way to help travelling, absent, and homebound members stay connected to their parish family even when they can’t be there in person.

You can record staff meetings, ministries or maybe even Mass and stream it in real-time to your profile. Once the live feed has ended, you’ll also be able to go back and see who attended, commented, or reacted to your event. These videos can be saved to your profile for future viewing as well.

These are just some of the ways you can bring more life to your profile.

Is your parish’s Facebook presence still in the works? Check out our step-by-step instructions on how to build your vibrant Facebook page from scratch. Need help getting your members involved? Here are a few quick tips for increasing engagement with your online communities.

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