Assets for Each Sunday

Covers, weekly readings, Gospel art/verses, Father Flood cartoons, reflections, clip art, and more … all of the items you need to create your bulletin are grouped together for each Sunday based on the liturgical calendar.

Screenshot of Weekly Content Guide section

Quick Reference

The content for each Sunday appears by date in the Weekly Content section and is divided into three folders: Covers, Readings & Reflections, and Art & Content. To download weekly content:

  1. Click on the Weekly Content Guide section button.
  2. Click on the folder thumbnail for the Sunday content you want.
  3. All of the related assets for that topic will appear.
  4. Click the download arrow next to each asset you want to download and the file will download. To download the entire asset group, click Download Attachments and a zip file with all default JPG and/or DOC files will download.

Download our Quick Start Guide for a complete overview of WeCreate.