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A New Era in Parish Technology

Don’t just manage your data … leverage it to engage more people in building your community. WeGather is a fully integrated, cloud-based software solution that can help you manage your parish. Plus it connects your staff with members and visitors so they can effectively move them forward on their faith journey.
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One Integrated Software Solution

A wealth of information lives in your multiple spreadsheets, databases, and collective staff memories. Now you can maintain your data from a single source of truth so you can read the data to make smart decisions for your church.

  • Data Management
  • Online Community
  • Website
  • Giving Management
  • Religious Education Scheduler
  • Facilities Manager
  • Volunteer Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Ministry Manager
  • Sacramental Record Keeper

Engage and Evangelize Your Parish & Community

Finally there’s a way to use your data to drive up member engagement to evangelize your community. WeGather is a powerful online social community to help you engage with people in real time. WeGather empowers staff, parishioners, and visitors alike to be proactive in engaging your church community.

  • Facilitate Discipleship Growth Beyond Sundays
  • Build a Vibrant Online Presence
  • Make Smarter Financial Decisions
  • Coordinate with Ministry Leaders & Volunteers
Built On Salesforce.org

Built on Salesforce.org, The World’s #1 Data Management System

Every parish needs to save, store, and back up their data. You want to make sure that this data is saved securely and reliably. Major corporations and non-profits worldwide trust Salesforce to do just that. With the security of this strong platform, you can rest assured that your data is secured according to the highest level of compliance standards.

Features of WeGather

Dynamic Parish Website

Dynamic Website

Welcome visitors with a state-of-the art web presence, then analyze who visits it.

Interactive Parish Community

Interactive Community

Gather parishioners in an online social network with member profiles, family relationships, and ministry groups.

Online Giving

Online Giving

Harness the power of Salesforce to manage your giving opportunities and analyze the results.

Cloud Back-Up

Cloud Back-Up

With auto-updates to the cloud guaranteed by Salesforce, never fear a data loss.

Multiple Permission Levels

Multiple Permission Levels

Offer people the functionality they need while protecting sensitive information.

Connected Back-End

Connected Back-End

Every donation, community action, or mobile update syncs instantly.

Sacramental Life

Sacramental Life

House your records, schedule religious education, and provide formative content to your parishioners.

Manage Parish Facilities

Manage Facilities

Schedule rooms and track your calendar for all parish events.

Parish Life

Parish Life

Easily manage volunteers, events, and ministries to connect and grow together as a parish.

Graphic of data shared between churches and dioceses

How Can Dioceses Use WeGather?

With this integrated software solution, diocesan administration can see which parishes are gaining members at a rapid pace, and which ones could use a little help. With this information at your fingertips, imagine what your diocese can accomplish with your parishes on board! Learn More

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Discover New Ways to Lead and Evangelize

Why You Only Need One Data Management Software


Why You Only Need One Data Management Software
Why You Only Need One Data Management Softwarey

No matter what line of work you’re in, it’s inevitable that you’ll need management software. And guess what? It’s hard to figure out which one to choose from. It’s hard for those making the decision, for those implementing the change, and for those who end up with the final product. Here’s what to consider when deciding which one to use..

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Volunteer Scheduler Is “Game Changer”


Resource 'Volunteer Scheduler Is Game Changer for Parish' viewed on tablet
WeGather’s Volunteer Scheduler Is “Game Changer” for Parish

In our increasingly digitalized society, more work is being done online — even in your vibrant parish. While some information may still need to be stored on-site in local hard drives, cloud storage provides some clear benefits for your parish office.

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Optimize Your Annual Diocesan Appeal


How to Optimize Your Annual Diocesan Appeal
How to Optimize Your Annual Diocesan Appeal

A great way to capture the attention of your diocese and encourage donations is to form the appeal not as a request for money, but as a story where they are the hero. In order to help them form a connection to people and places that they may never meet or experience, it’s essential to capture their compassion.

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The Value of Data in Pastoral Planning


The Value of Data in Pastoral Planning
The Value of Data in Pastoral Planning

The path to anywhere new requires us to gather information, and the same can be said about pastoral planning. There is always data available to you that can provide insights and a clearer picture of what is going on in your faith community; it just takes time, effort and yes, data, to craft a good plan.

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WeGather is solutions-oriented, robust, and does what we need to help manage rich relationships with our donors. Plus, it’s adaptable and customizable to fit our unique diocesan needs. I am excited for where we are going, and how WeGather is helping us get there.

Angel Barrera Operations Coordinator Diocese of Brownsville, Texas

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