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LPi Advances WeGather by Including Parish to Diocese Data Sharing Feature

LPi is pleased to announce that it has launched a new, multiple organization data sharing feature for WeGather: a fully integrated, Church Management & Parish Community Builder, cloud-based software solution built for the Catholic Church. This new data sharing feature will allow a hierarchy of aggregate data shared from parishes to their diocese providing the ability to measure the health of all parishes within the diocese as well as share data across parishes if desired.

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Father reading with daughter in grass

Faith is a “Constant” Gift

What really matters to you? What’s the main thing in your life? I have witnessed once-strong disciples place politics, wealth, career, and family ahead of Jesus over time. All those things are enticing, but they are things that change. The one thing that does not change is God.

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How to Use Smart Goals to Grow Your Church

The goal of any parish is to spread the Good News of Jesus to as many as possible — easier said than done, right? Every parish should take the time to set goals in order to grow their faith community. To have a goal, you need a plan to reach it. Enter the SMART Goal.

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A Hospitality of Presence

A Hospitality of Presence

All too often we fall into the trap of thinking that our mission as Christians is convincing people that they need to adopt our agenda. We welcome them to a point but then when they do not completely fit with the specs of our program, the wall goes up. Rather, the mission of the Gospel, which is a mission of hospitality, is about welcoming others where they are and with their particular needs and desires; it is more about listening than it is about doing

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Time is a Gift

Some of us are thinking about taking a stewardship way of life seriously, but we are just not ready yet. But the truth is, we don’t have to be in any particular state of life or have a specific financial portfolio to start giving ourselves to God – he takes us as we are now.

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Man recording video of himself

Using Video on Your Church Website

We have so many choices these days when it comes to using technology to draw people to our place of worship. A website that is vibrant, dynamic and engaging is vital in attracting more people — and a new way to do that is through video.

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Awaken My Heart

Who Is My Neighbor?

All of creation is on fire with God’s presence. St. Francis of Assisi knew this very well. It was his firm conviction in and knowledge of God’s love within that gave him an inexhaustible ability to love his neighbor and respond without hesitation. Loving our neighbor is not meant to be easy. How do you respond?

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Tip jar

Recognize God in Your Ordinary Moments

Discernment should always be an important part of any good steward’s way of life. If we give simply for the sake of giving, that may not always be the best use of our gifts. In order to gain the most fruit from the seeds we plant, we must plant wisely.

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Welcome event filled with food and people

Building Belonging: Hosting a New Parishioner Welcome Event

A parish isn’t an institution, it’s a community! When new arrivals move from visitor to parishioner, there’s cause for celebration. Hosting a new parishioner welcome event is a great way to show them they belong in your community. Read on to discover tips to planning one.

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The Kingdom of God is Now

Proclaiming God’s Kingdom … Together

The mission of the disciples was to proclaim the faith they held within their hearts and to invite others — all others — to join them in building up God’s kingdom. As faithful disciples, we, too, must share our faith through our words and actions.

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Women thoughtfully looking out window

Continual Conversion

To be made new in Christ, maybe we need many conversion stories. As we continually strive to pick up our crosses and follow Him, we fall away and need to come back to Him. Each time, we have a new story. Each time, God’s love and healing are profound.

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How to Integrate Direct Mail Appeals With Your Online Fundraising

No matter what campaign you’re conducting at your vibrant parish, utilizing multiple communication channels makes sense. The trick is to make these various channels one cohesive campaign. We’ll tell you why it’s essential, plus give a few tips for making the most of your new combination strategy.

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Look Boldly Ahead

Honor the Past, Embrace the Future

To meet the challenges of the present, we cannot be stuck in the past. If we are to go out and proclaim the kingdom, we cannot be just maintaining buildings. Like Jesus, we need to be on the move — not just catering to those who come to us but going out to those on the fringes of our society. And, like Jesus, we have to accept that many won’t be willing to make the changes needed to take that long journey. While we want to be sensitive, we cannot let them hold us back.

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